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  • Complete Commercial Loan Portfolio Advisors
  • Providing Proffessional consulting services to bankers by bankers
  • Proactively and objectively determining the level of risk
  • Provide validation of internal risk identification
  • Asset Quality Review


We are an independently owned consulting firm serving the needs of the commercial and savings bank communities as well as those of other commercial lending institutions.

Our services include loan review, loan loss reserve methodology and validation, CRE portfolio stress testing, portfolio acquisition review, CRE concentration analysis, credit risk management process review, structured finance review, credit loan policy maintenance, problem loan advisory, credit analysis, regulatory relations, credit database formation, and loan and credit seminars.

Banks with an excellent portfolio quality often engage CEIS' independent loan review service as a means to maintain the credit standards of their organization. Banks looking to improve the quality of their portfolios will retain CEIS to assist in determining an accurate reading of its risk profile, as well as provide practical recommendations for its improvement. Relying on an independent outsource review firm may be attractive to an organization in its effort to eliminate the politics that can accompany the grading process.


Please navigate through our site, and feel free to contact us with any questions.

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Loan Review Programs

General Loan ReviewInternational (off-shore) Loan ReviewPortfolio Acquisition ReviewSpecialty/Structured Finance Review

Loan Loss Reserve

Methodology ValidationMethodology Refinement

Loan Portfolio Stress Testing

“Bottom Up” Loan Level Approach“Top Down” Capital Adequacy Assessment

CEIS Consulting

Credit Risk Process ReviewLoan Policy MaintenanceLoan and Credit Seminars SBA Portfolio Review
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